Bichlalm Kneipp Facility, part of the hiking paradise

The most beautiful panoramic views

Enjoy a slower ascent to Bichlalm mountain station – hike for just a few minutes to the Kneipp facility and gaze in wonder. A pleasant atmosphere with exceptional views to fall in love with is guaranteed.

Experience one of the most beautifully situated Kneipp pools in the Kitzbühel Alps and enjoy the moment.
Lovely hikes along the contour line towards the Horn (on the Karstweg trail, through the Alpine Flower Garden or on the kids’ climbing path), Stuckkogel, Auracher Hochwildalm or Aurach Wildlife Park and the wide range of places to stop for a break make you lose track of time.
Pay it a visit and look forward to an enjoyable ascent and magnificent views.

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Legendary sports town in the Alps
Kitzbühel - Legendary sports town in the Alps