From the first ski attempt in 1892 to the present day

We are talking about the spring of 1893 when Franz Reisch was the first person to tackle the Kitzbüheler Horn on skis. Learn here how the story began and we'll tell you what is happening today ...

The history from the Bergbahn AG

Year: History:
1892 - skiing first practised by Franz Reisch on the Kitzbüheler Horn
1924 - public inquiry into the ropeway project on the Hahnenkamm
1928 - foundation of the Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel ropeway company
1929 - inauguration of the first Hahnenkamm ropeway
1948 - inauguration of the world´s first „ski circus“ on the Hahnenkamm (first interconnected ski areas)
1951 - freight transport incl. public transportation on the Kitzbüheler Horn
1958 - modernisation of the Hahnenkamm ropeway
1959 - extension of the ski area towards Kirchberg and Jochberg/Pass Thurn
1969 - merging of Berg- und Skilift GmbH and Kirchberger Bergbahnen AG with Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel
1971 - purchase of the Bichlalm pasture
1975 - merging of Kur- und Moorbad AG Kitzbühel with Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel
1979 - first extension and conversion of the "Kurhaus" spa facilities
1980 - inauguration of the Obergaisberg nursery slope
1984 - inauguration of the Fleckalm ropeway
1985 - erection of the Pengelstein self-service restaurant
1993 - beginning of the snow-making era (first snow-making machinery on the Streif)
1995 - new cash register and ski pass control systems
1996 - new Hahnenkamm ropeway and conversion of the Hochkitzbühel Restaurant
1993-2001 - erection and extension of the snow-making facilities
- building of 3 storage lakes and renovation of various lifts
2002 - beginning of the modernisation works of the Resterhöhe/Jochberg region
2003 - huge investments in Kirchberg (New: Sportberg Gaisberg and Pengelstein I ropeway)
2004 - inauguration of the most spectacular 3S loop ropeway in the world, connecting the ski areas of Hahnenkamm/Pengelstein and Jochberg/Resterhöhe
- Bärenbadkogel I 6-seater chair lift
2005 - extension of the snow-making facilities in the area Pass-Thurn/Jochberg, building of a new storage lake at the Resterhöhe
- Sonnenrast 6-seater chair lift
2006 - extension of the snow-making facilities in the area Pass-Thurn/Jochberg
- 6-seater chair lift Ehrenbachhöhe
- 6-seater chair lift Hanglalm
2007 - 8-seater chair lift Steinbergkogel
- 1000 m² Skishop, Skiservice, Skidepot, Skirental at the Hahnenkammstation
- extension of the snow-making facilities in the area Jochberg-Resterhöhe
- 100 % snow coverage of the Skisafari.
2008 - Detachable quad chair "Ganslern" servicing the original World Cup slope
- Construction of Jochberg/Wagstätt reservoir
- Construction of Usterkar reservoir
- Completion of the snow-making facilities on Steinbergkogel/Griesalm
- Comfort upgrade for the 4-seater Hochsaukaser chairlift
- Project/Planning: 8-seater Bichlalm cable car
2009 - 8-seat "Kasereck" chairlift with hood and heated seats
2009 - Gaisberg storage reservoir (5000 m3) ¬ Snow-making facilities for the toboggan run
2009 - Asten extension: red piste modified to a blue piste (easy valley run to Kitzbühel)
2009 - Alten Kaser finished: easy ski piste for Maierl III (preparations for the re-building of the detachable Ochsalm Bahn, in future this will be very well suited for beginner ski courses.
2010 10-EUB Maierlbahn with heated seats replaces the DSL Maierl I and II :: state-of-the-art cable car (10-seater cabins)
2010 8 SB Ochsalm (8-seater chairlift) :: replaces the DSL Maierl III :: detachable 8-seater-chairlift with weather protection hood and heated seats
2010 Seidlalm II reservoir with a total storage capacity of 115,000 m3
2010 Parallel Streif: enabling the public to ski on the Hahnenkamm during the Hahnenkamm race
2010 Asten: through comprehensive adaptations and expansion becomes the first blue run to Kitzbühel
- 6-seater Resterhöhe chairlift state-of-art detachable chair lift
with weather protection hood and heated seats replaces the Resterhöhe double seater chairlift
and the Moseralm T-bar lift
2011 - Hahnenkammbahn increased comfort thanks to heated seats
2011 - Family Streif piste upgrade- and clear improvements to the upper area
2011 - Maierlbahn specific optimisation of the piste area
2011 - Steinbergkogel - comprehensive piste expansion on the Direttissima
(Schlagl run) for all Powercarvers.
- Snow-making facilities and piste care additional investment for perfect piste maintenance
2012 - 8-seater chair lift Zweitausender – modern chair lift with cars that can be disengaged from the cable and coversprotecting passengers from the weather and heated seats to replace the double chair lift Zweitausender
- 6-seater chair lift Walde – modern chair lift with cars that can be disengaged from the cable and covers protectingpassengers from the weather and heated seats to replace the T-bar lift Walde.
- Family Streif & Kaser - pistes extended and improvements made to the upper section
2013 - The Wagstätt most modern 10-person single circulating gondola with heated seats - replaces the Wagstätt double chair lift and theWurzhöhe t-bar
- Extension of the Wagstätt-Wurz piste – in the upper part the existing t-bar track is being integrated as an additional piste withadditional snow cover. The Wagstätt piste is being broadened at its narrow points and its sloaps are being evened
- Improving the Direttissima downhill (no. 38) – around the Schlagl.
- Expansion of snow groomer fleet
- Significant improvement to the performance of the existingsnowmaking systems – with additional snow generatorson the Streif and in Jochberg
2014 - Opening up the Bichlalm walking and open terrain skiing area by chair lift.
- Improvements to the pistes in the Streiteckmulde and Ochsalmboden areas and also on the Kapellen ski run,near the St. Bernhard Chapel.
2015 - 8-seater chairlift Brunn with seat heating & bubble
- 3 runs (for all levels - blue / red / black)
- including artificial snow production and reservoir

Update: 20.07.2017

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