Freeriding adventure

More and more people are looking for thrills away from the secured pistes.

Avalanche transceiver checkpoint Steinbergkogel

Fresh snow – and the quest for perfect powder begins. Everyone wants to be the first to ski the glistening powder snow slope. In addition to the technical skills, freeriding demands a high degree of responsibility, not just for one's own safety, but also for the safety of other people.

Knowing and abiding by the rules off the secured pistes and also being able to assess avalanche risks correctly are paramount. An understanding of Alpine dangers, knowing about the latest avalanche report and carrying the relevant equipment are also top priorities.

Freeride Tower & avalanche transceiver checkpoints

Take advantage of the new avalanche transceiver checkpoints at the various hotspots in the wider ski area and make sure that you and your equipment are up to the challenges.

KitzSki supports all freeriders and other tourers with specially installed Freeride Towers and avalanche transceiver checkpoints. At these points in the ski area you can see the relevant and current avalanche danger level and check that the lifesaving avalanche transceiver for your tour outside the secured ski area is fully functioning.

LOCATIONS including avalanche transceiver checkpoints

Freeride Tower Avalanche transceiver checkpoints are installed at the following panorama boards
Steinbergkogel - mountain Pengelstein - mountain Bärenbadkogel - mountain Hahnkamm - mountain Pengelstein I Horn Alpenhaus Hanglalm - mountain Wagstätt - mountain Fleckalm - mountain

current avalanches risk

low avalanches risk

The avalanches risk applies for the NOT SAVED and FREE Skiarea.


KitzSki Off-piste freeriding close to the cable car

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