General terms and conditions of business

Bergbahn Kitzbühel

The terms and conditions of transportation displayed at all stations form part of the contract of carriage. They apply to the transport of people and behaviour
in the lift areas.

By purchasing a lift ticket/ski pass, either at the ticket office or from the online shop, the customer acknowledges and agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Ski passes are non-transferable and must be ready for inspection within the control zone.

Should you forget your ski passes/season tickets, an appropriate day ticket, - for which no refund is available - must be purchased.

1–7 day ski passes are always valid only for consecutive days; no interruption is permissible.

Subsequent replacement, extension or deferment of the period of validity of already booked/purchased ski passes is not permissible.

When seasons overlap a mixed price is charged for multiple-day ski passes.

Proof of age must be presented in order to purchase discounted ski passes (children, youths) and must be carried at all times.

A deposit of € 2.00 is charged for the KeyCard. Undamaged KeyCards in good working order and issued in the current winter season may be returned to the ticket offices. Please note that we cannot guarantee that reimbursements will be made for older KeyCard types owing to the different technologies now being used.

Bad weather, avalanche hazard, unforeseen departure, interruption in lift service, closure of one or all lifts due to unfavourable weather conditions, closure of trails, overcrowding of ski pistes etc. shall not entitle ski pass holders to a refund.
Please allow for reduced availability of lifts and pistes during the pre and off-season periods.


We cannot accept any claims for refunds in cases of accident or illness; any possible refund will be made as a gesture of goodwill. In all cases, the requirement will be that the casualty’s or sick person’s ski pass is returned to one of our ticket offices and also a medical certificate issued by a local doctor or hospital is submitted. The methods we lay down for making refunds shall apply.
We reserve the right to refuse refunds without giving any reasons.

In certain justifiable cases (amendments, special transactions etc.) a handling fee of € 15.00 will be charged.

In no case will a one-day ticket be refunded.

Our ticket office staff are instructed to observe all the afore-mentioned rules and they are not authorised to grant exceptions or make goodwill gestures.

Misuse of lift tickets / ski passes

Persons found without a valid lift ticket/ski pass must expect to pay a higher price.

Misuse of lift tickets/ski passes (e.g. transfer to a third party) will lead to immediate revocation without compensation. Misuse will also incur a fine of € 100.00. The matter will also be reported to the police!

Breach of the terms and conditions of transportation and misuse of tickets can also have legal consequences in terms of liability.


The operator of the ski pistes is not liable for damages or injuries incurred by ski slope users through the incorrect behaviour of other persons. In the event of particularly careless or dangerous conduct or failure to respect barricades or other requirements, the individual in question will be refused transportation.
Your safety is our prime concern; please observe the FIS Rules.

Loss or replacement

Lost 1-7 day ski passes will not be replaced.

The loss of a season ticket/ski pass must be reported immediately to one of the ski pass ticket offices. The lost ticket/pass will be blocked and a new one issued upon payment of an administration fee.

A subsequent replacement of the various season tickets (Kitzbühel season ticket, Kitzbüheler Alpen AllStarCard, Salzburg Super Ski Card, Snow Card Tirol) is not permissible!

Ticket shop

A season ticket, ski pass options or a 1 – 7 day ski pass can be purchased in the online shop via credit card (Visa and Mastercard) which must be valid at least until the end of the current winter season or via direct debit.

The sum will be deducted from your credit card immediately with the reference ‘Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel’.

If the network connection fails, only the data stored at the point of sale are deemed valid.

Following registration and purchase of a ski pass from the online shop,
if the pass has been bought for the first time, it should be collected by the buyer from the ticket office on presentation of the booking confirmation and a valid photo ID for initial purchases (if no data carrier (KeyCard) is available).

Should a ski pass fail to work, this must be reported immediately to the nearest ticket office. Subsequent complaints regarding the functioning and charges cannot be considered.

Please ensure the dates of birth for children and youths have been entered correctly –
age checks will be carried out in the ski resort!

Special season ticket offers, such as Family Bonus, disability, etc, cannot be purchased at the online shop.

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