Geocaching – See a new side to the mountain!

Treasure hunt for all ages on the Hahnenkamm

Mit dem GPS-Gerät auf der Suche nach versteckten Zielen zwischen Hahnenkamm und Pengelstein.

Experience a new side to enjoyment while hiking in the mountains. A genuine paradise starts on the Hahnenkamm for young and old alike - heading out on a hike and in 'search of treasure'.

Geocaching is a trendy new sport which may in very simple terms be described as a treasure hunt. There is a 'cache' for a hiding place or even some treasure, which is marked using GPS coordinates and can be found using a GPS device.

Addictive fun for all the family

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt for all the family in the real world. Those taking part in this game try to find hidden containers, called geocaches, using a GPS-enable device (and Smartphones) and to share their experiences online afterwards.

The treasures in the caches are only bits and bobs – the real game is in the search.

En route to the cache you get to enjoy fantastic views, discover hidden paths and places, which you might even be aware of, but you’ll see and experience them with fresh eyes.

And especially for children, ‘loathsome’ hiking gains a whole new charm with a treasure hunt using a cool GPS device. It won’t be just the kids who notice how the time flies.

The thrill of the search and an adventure in natural surroundings are the focal points – and suddenly it’s no problem to get the children motivated to cover quite a few metres altitude and a few hours of hiking.

When you find the treasure, enter it into the logbook and if you take something – little items to swap, such as key rings, characters, marbles, etc. – you always put something back in the cache, so the next cacher (treasure hunter) finds something – that’s the cachers’ code!

Was ist Geocaching

  • Searching for treasure in a fairy-tale forest
    Searching for treasure in a fairy-tale forest
  • Head to the next destination using GPS
    Head to the next destination using GPS
  • Fun for all the family
    Fun for all the family

Kitz Geocaching Team

  • Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt in the real world.
  • In this game players try to find hidden containers, called geocaches, using a GPS-ready device and then share their experiences online afterwards.

Before you get going:

Register at All the caches on the Hahnenkamm, and the relevant coordinates for a GPS search, can be found here.

As the first cable car company in Austria, Bergbahn Kitzbühel, in conjunction with, provides an opportunity to experience geocaching - exciting and powerful natural surroundings - in the mountains.

Over 20 geocaches have already been positioned in our extensive hiking area. Who knows, you might even find something in them ...

The geocaching code:

  • ... and what you need for Geocaching & what else you have to pay attention to:
  • Suitable clothing and sturdy footwear are essential. Geocaching is not just an ‘easy walk in the forest’.
  • Geocaches from Bergbahn Kitzbuehel are never buried or in places where trespassing is prohibited.
  • GPS devices entice you to look at the screen as you are walking along. This can be dangerous in the mountains
  • If you find a cache then enter it into your logbook straight away. You can register for free at – note your finds in the Internet.
  • If you take some of the items from a cache, always leave something of the same or of a higher value.
  • In some instances caches contain information – for instance the coordinates of the next cache. Read these thoroughly!
  • Always leave caches as you find them – in the same place, in a good condition and with all the information. Other cachers are relying on you!
  • Respect the natural surroundings! Geocaching in the Kitzbuehel Alps is very special thanks to the wonderful landscapes, breathtaking mountain backdrops and exciting and powerful views of the natural surroundings. Help ensure it stays that way!
  • Cache Me, If You Can!

Did you know that

  • Geocaches are little containers which can be found all over the world. The GPS coordinates are published on the Internet. Geocaching is all about looking for these containers – with a great deal of fun and passion in the creativity in it all. Occasionally Geocaches even have objects to swap.
  • Geocaches may be hidden anywhere – in trees, in rock crevices,... there is no bounds to imagination.
  • To find Geocaches only the coordinates provided have to be entered into a suitable GPS unit.
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