Mini Streif

The kids need courage too!


At the foot of the famous Hahnenkamm descent, the construction of a new conveyor belt (magic carpet) was the occasion of a delightful idea: Togehter with the Ski School "Rote Teufel" and Mr. Klaus Reisch the Bergbahn Kitzbühel developed on the Golfcourse near the Ganslernbahn the idea of an obstacle course for kids. So the MINI STREIF was born - a very special kind of skiing pleasure close to town! But you have to see it yourself...

At the 'Mausefalle' is the see-saw which promotes young skiers balancing abilities right after the start through the 'Gams'. By tipping the see-saw forwards a young, prospective athlete creates a 'sense of balance' and can quickly adapt to a new gradient – just like in the main 'Mausefalle'.

Prospective racers have to exhibit courage on the 'Steilhang' (steep slope). Skiing in a low position into the 'Steilhang' is challenging, the skis also have to be steered in a 'new direction'. Time can be made up here with a courageous approach.

The criteria: Mausefalle, Steilhang and Seidlalm

The 'Tretorgel' of the 'Seidlalm' really shake up racers. You can't ski in too much of an upright position - time is ticking - don't take your poles away from your hips! The pylons on the 'Hausbergkante' can be seen from a distance, the 'Ministreif' once again becomes a test of courage.

Test of courage – Hausbergkante: mobilising your last ounce of energy!

You can't fully see 100% of the route. 'Squeezing' on the Hausbergkante is key, otherwise you jump too far. Your legs are already tired, skiers regard this as the first objective. 'Skiing into' the 'Ministreif Arena' is an experience, since parents and friends are waiting and are delighted that you have successfully conquered the Streif!!!

Fantastic fun for the little ones and exciting to watch <br>for the adults.
Fantastic fun for the little ones and exciting to watch <br>for the adults.
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