‘Streif’ Viewing

Experience that racing feeling on the ‘Streif’ at first hand in the summer too

Challenge ‘Streif’: Outstanding film sequences (recounted in an historical, informative and exciting way) as well as Flash animations are recorded on 4 state-of-the-art infotainment-LCD portals. Get impressive and entertaining insights into how the race unfolds on the ‘Streif’ from the start house to the finish.

STREIF VIEWING: Hike and watch the ‘Streif’ race at first hand. Experience a new dimension to the most difficult downhill route in the world. 4 state-of-the-art infotainment LCD portals – at the start house, the mousetrap, at the entrance to the steep slope and on the edge of the local mountain provide insights into the ‘alarmingly’ impressive challenge that is the ‘Streif’.

Let your body feel the sensation of the ‘Streif’, enjoy the view from the famous start house, take in the adrenaline of the mouse trap and watch the most unbelievable recordings and films from the archives at Kitzbühel’s ski club ...

TIP: Simply hover up the summit and to the ‘Streif’ start house on the Hahnenkammbahn. The ‘Streif’ start house for the Hahnenkamm race – open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Guided tour available on request!

KitzMountain Guiding in der Kitzbüheler Bergwelt

The ‘Streif’ is the most classic of the world’s downhill race routes

Thousands of spectators are inspired every year by this highpoint in the ski sports calendar and by the unique atmosphere. The racers launch themselves with courage and skill into the speedy descent from the start. The spectators at the race and millions of ski fans watching on TV hold their breath until the last racer has finished and the winner is announced.

Starting signal & the mousetrap 1+2 LCD

The highest speed, 160 metres in 8.5 seconds to the mousetrap. At 85% the mousetrap is the steepest section and provides the longest jump at 80 metres

Steep slope & 3rd LCD monitor

Iciest point. Extremely high centrifugal forces. Skis chatter at more than 100 km/hour over a gradient of some 62%

Hausbergkante & 4th LCD monitor

After 1:37:60 the most breathtaking point lies ahead – demand the utmost of skier and equipment. A long jump and then the traverse,... this has already been the undoing of a lot of skiers

Franz Klammer - Kitzbühel 1984 HQ

KitzMountain Guiding

Take the opportunity to hike on the Streif route, from the start to the finish, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, along with KitzMountain Guides and Bergbahn Kitzbühel. (For all guests with a valid cable car ticket we offer free participation in the wide-ranging and guided hikes with our qualified Tirol mountain hiking guides.)

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