Tour and variant areas in Bichlalm

Using the Canadian and American 'off-Piste' areas as an example

Tour and variant areas in Bichlalm

The area down from the Stuckkogel is a paradise for tourers. Particularly at night-time. Ultimately, in all other ski areas the secured pistes are closed, without exception, after the end of the day's operations. Climbing and descending a prepared piste is a luxury which people only begrudgingly do without. Here, nothing stands in the way of a free and exclusive tour.

The North route is once again accessible after rock falls in the Waldschneise area in the winter!

Off-Piste Bichlalm: a perfect ski tour area

In search of the perfect Freeride: Tourers and variant skiers have the opportunity to be chauffeured by the piste machine, which seats 25, directly to the terrain.

Destination: the Stuckkogel and Hochetzkogel area.

Freeriders can book their journey directly via a ski school (Rote Teufel, Element 3, Skischule Reith, Ski-Alpin, Snowsports and Alpin Experts) or guarantee themselves one of the coveted seats with a quick phone call to Bergbahn Kitzbühel in the Hornbahn cable car office on 05356/1411. The last booking option is intended for those making last-minute plans. With a little luck you might be able to secure one of the last free places if you make it to Oberaigen car park, the meeting place for ski tourers, but that's on a first come – first served basis.

You buy your ticket from the driver.

Please note: no car parking available for tourers at Gasthof Oberaigen and Sonnbergstüberl. Tourers can only park at Bichlalm valley station and just below Oberaigen farmstead! Please look for the signpost "Tourenparkplatz Bichlalm".

current avalanches risk

low avalanches risk

The avalanches risk applies for the NOT SAVED and FREE Skiarea.

  • Bichlalm cottage
    Bichlalm cottage
  • Building a Snowman
    Building a Snowman
  • Snowshoeing
  • With snowshoes
    With snowshoes
  • through the winter scenery
    through the winter scenery
  • until you reach the peak
    until you reach the peak
  • and at the summit, the reward
    and at the summit, the reward
  • Fantastic view
    Fantastic view
  • when touring
    when touring
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